Setting The Standard In Professional Auto Reconditioning

All-Pro Auto Reconditioning has been in business since 1994 and offers dealers a complete line of automotive repair and restoration services. We specialize in bringing vehicles back to a like-new condition. Read about our history and our specialties.

Who We Are

  • Operating in over 20 states and collaborating with numerous manufacturers.
  • A strong focus on structured training, cultivating industry-best SOPs.
  • Empowering over 1,000 employees, we service over 30,000 cars monthly.
  • Acknowledged as a preferred vendor by leading auto groups and boutique operations.
  • At All-Pro, we're not just about cars; we're committed to driving excellence.

All-Pro Auto Reconditioning began its journey in Houston, Texas, in 1994. Starting with a single dealer, we've expanded to serve over 200 dealers nationwide. Rooted in hands-on expertise, All-Pro's leadership stands distinct. Led by Brandon Berryman, who began his career as an interior technician, our executive team brings a wealth of knowledge from all corners of the auto industry. Their collective first-hand experience in vehicle reconditioning underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled service.

Our Locations

Each of our locations is a strategic hub where we deliver top-notch automotive reconditioning solutions to dealerships nationwide. As a leading provider in our industry, our expansive network ensures that we are always within reach. All-Pro is your trusted partner in auto reconditioning, no matter where you are.

What We Do

We specialize in bringing vehicles back to a like-new condition and are the industry leader in automotive reconditioning.

Superior Results with All-Pro's Single Vendor Solution

Our skilled technicians deliver top-tier reconditioning, cutting the need for multiple vendors and minimizing downtime. This swift turnaround accelerates your sales cycle, enhancing profit margins through the quick deployment of market-ready vehicles.

Efficiency Amplified with Single-Vendor Streamlining

Harness the power of single vendor solution with All-Pro Auto Reconditioning, where a multitude of services converge under one roof. The advantage? A seamless process that spares you the complexity and coordination of juggling multiple vendors. We're your centralized hub for all reconditioning needs, simplifying logistics and communication, ensuring consistency in quality, and delivering your vehicles faster to the market. With All-Pro, streamline your operations, minimize hassle, and watch your efficiency soar.

Added Value

We have extensive experience in standardizing recon programs for large and small auto groups to maximize productivity. Our team is comprised of detail oriented automotive professionals who take pride in their work. Our hands-on lot coordinators oversee all field work with our dealer partners to ensure each outlet is producing at its maximum potential.

Our dedicated area and district managers oversee all projects while maintaining a stellar relationship with our valued clients. Together, we strive to give you a quality product in a timely fashion, all while keeping your bottom line in mind. From interiors to wheels, from glass to bumpers, you can rest assured that your inventory is being reconditioned by the professionals.

All-Pro is ALL about the quality turnkey Used Vehicle Reconditioning (at a fair price). The EXTRA mile they provide is the true partnership they develop with the dealership and your employees.
Dean Vette General Manager
How much is it costing your store for that used vehicle to be sitting and waiting to get on the lot?
Before we hired All-Pro, we were using a company that could not get our vehicles out quickly enough. They said it could not be done. Well, we changed to All-Pro as they said it would be no problem getting that handled, and lo and behold, our turnaround time dropped 7 days! …………..THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO!
Daren Granger General Manager - Philpott Ford
I have worked with All-Pro for 6 years now. No matter what condition I give them a car or truck in they work with us to get it to the front line in a timely matter at a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Butch Gorum General Manager
All-Pro provides a one stop shop for all our reconditioning needs. They are a partner in this process and the store.
Steven Peine General Manager, Florida
All Pro provides a one-stop shop for all our reconditioning needs. They are a partner in this process and the store.
Steven Peine Clearwater Toyota - Sonic
I have worked with All-Pro for six years now... no matter what condition I give them a car or truck in, they work with us to get it front-line ready in a timely manner at a reasonable cost... I would highly recommend them to anyone...
Butch Gorum Used vehicle director
All Pro is ALL about quality turnkey Used VehicleReconditioning (at a fair price). The EXTRA mile they provide is the true partnership they develop with the dealership and your employees!
Dean Vette General Manager - Charlotte Sonic Automotive
I’ve worked with All-Pro for many years, their attention to detail and my needs are second to none!
Bryan Cox Demontrond Auto Group
My experience with All-Pro has been a very positive one over the last seven years. Not only has their quality been of a high level but also consistent, and the availability of both local and regional management to address concerns when they come up has been excellent. They’ll even backfill their staff to ensure that my production does not slow down due to any kind of team absence! 10 out of 10 would recommend
Dan Moore Dealership CEO
All-Pro is a national leader in the auto reconditioning industry, known for handling big accounts with utmost professionalism. I was truly impressed by their exceptional service and expertise. From the moment I brought my car in for reconditioning, their team demonstrated a level of professionalism and attention to detail that exceeded my expectations. They not only restored my vehicle to its original glory, but they also went the extra mile by offering additional maintenance suggestions to ensure my car remains in top shape. I highly recommend All Pro to anyone seeking top-notch auto-reconditioning services.
Fuad Dayyeh Autobahn Motors
When you think of a relationship, you think of a partnership. When you combine the two, and you have a relationship and a partnership with someone you do business with, you can’t lose. This is what we have when we do business with All-Pro Auto Reconditioning.
Neil Mathew’s Audi west Dealership CEO
The AllPro team in Pensacola is fantastic….friendly, responsive, and does great work fast!  Any issues get handled immediately.  Thank you to Jim, Debra, Bo, and the rest of the AllPro team here for contributing to our success.  They are truly part of the Audi Pensacola family.
Casey Hemphill General Sales Manager
The level of customer service Allpro provides is next to none. They are always available to assist and ensure their clients are 100% completely satisfied.
Mai Nguyen General Manager - Jag Land Rover Southwest

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